Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Boulder’s “Scientists in Congregations” program–an exploration of the compatibility between science and the Christian faith. Made possible by a grant from the Templeton Foundation, the program provides variety of events and experiences exploring this topic.

Medical Science in Need of Spiritual Care: 2013 Emphasis for “Scientists in Congregations”


First Presbyterian Church Boulder is currently in the second year of our Templeton Foundation grant “Scientists in the Congregations.”  Most of the programs so far have focused on the natural sciences and their interconnections with faith, the Bible, and Christian theology.  In 2013, we are expanding our scope to faith and medical-science issues, including bioethics, parish nursing programs, end-of-life care, and spiritual care in clinical practice settings.

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, Dr. Harold Koenig (Duke University) will lead a symposium on how spiritual care appears to affect medical outcomes.  He will focus on the effects of religion and spirituality on coping, on mental health, and on physical health.  We will also have discussion groups concerning the integration of spiritual care into routine patient management, the hospital nurse role in spiritual care, the development of church-parish health care programs, the physician’s role in identifying spiritual needs, collaborations among medical staffs and hospital chaplains, end-of-life planning, and praying with patients.  The congregation and public are encouraged to attend the symposium.

Contact: Judy Pierce, 303-402-6453, jpierce@fpcboulder.org

scuba-snorkeling-adventures.com-skin-diver-going-downDiving Deeper:

Material is available from the Spring 2013 class which was focused around the theme: “Diving Deeper: Theological and Biblical Perspectives on Science and Faith.”



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Here is a link to our 2013 summer classes: